We know exactly what goes into our food and we do our best to work with your dietary needs.


All of our burgers, sauces and sides (except our buns and croutons) are gluten-free. We do not put anything on the cooking surfaces that have any gluten. We offer any of our burgers in a fresh lettuce wrap and have strict regimented procedures when handling gluten-free orders so that you can enjoy our burgers with peace of mind.

Vegetarian & Vegan

We have one-of-a-kind vegetarian burgers, with vegan options, that would make any mouth water. Our premium chickpea patty is made in-house with wholesome, natural ingredients. Eating Nuburger-good doesn’t have to include eating meat.


As we make everything in our own kitchen, we know absolutely everything that goes into our burgers. Our staff is trained extensively to know about the menu so please come and test them. We are more than happy to accommodate any allergies, needs or preferences.