We've already made the healthy choices for you.

Every dish is created to be as healthy as possible without sacrificing the burgerness. We use lean beef, 100% natural chicken breasts and naturally lean bison. We cook on a grill, because BBQ’d burger patties don’t absorb unnecessary fat that typically soaks in on a traditional flat top.

We hand craft every sauce, dip, and creative burger topping, which means we control what goes in it. We control and lessen the amount of sugar, salt and oils—unlike most franchised restaurants that increase the bad stuff to keep you craving more.

What also alleviates the burger hangover is balance. Our fresh thick-cut potatoes and yam fries are chopped in-house every day, and we offer a wide variety of healthier alternatives.

Our mantra isn’t about making the lowest calorie burgers. It’s about using the best ingredients and making the best healthy choices. It’s about knowing what you’re putting into your body and trusting where it’s coming from.