We love absolutely everything about burgers; the taste, the texture, the weight and the aroma. From the first bite to the last, each moment is savored.

However, there was always something we didn’t like – something we call the Burger Hangover! The Burger Hangover is an accumulation of many things including the slowly forming love handles, the ever-tightening Calvin Klein boxers, and the overwhelming desire to sleep immediately after gorging on a greasy burger.

One day, fresh off Burger Hangovers, we thought that there must be a better way to get all the things we LOVE about burgers minus the regret, guilt, and gut. So we, Manitoba-born and raised co-founders Marc Priestley and Kyle Matheson, hit the kitchen with our good friend and award winning chef Osten Rice. We began reinventing what a burger could be from the familiar classics to the outlandishly awesome. Aiming to eliminate the Burger Hangover, we focused on balance and nutrition. We created our own tasty sauces with less oil, salt, and sugar. We piled on fresh wholesome toppings and sought out locally-raised grass-fed cattle.

Together, we made a vast variety of delicious, juicy, GUILT-FREE burgers. This is how Nuburger was born...